About Us

Back in 2007 there was a small Brazilian activewear boutique at my gym, that sold the most beautiful activewear.  The colors, patterns, and styles drew me in but what really sold me was the fit.  What kept me wanting more, was the quality, the comfort, and how amazing I felt every time I wore them.  I always had an extra kick in my step.  

Unfortunately with the hard economic times my favorite shop closed.  Try as I may, I could never find another store that sold anything that could match the style, fit, or quality.

As a result in 2011 I decided to launch Plammie Activewear for other women like me who share a passion for inspired activewear.  

The secret? Brazilian sourced active wear made of Authentic Brazilian Supplex®️.  The quality cannot be matched.  It hugs you in all the right places while flattering your figure.  It will not shrink, stretch or fade, workout after workout, or anything else you do in your Activewear, Shop, Dine, Relax.. 

Nowadays we see a lot has changed since 2011, the market is oversaturated with activewear.  But our Brazilian designers always stay ahead of the game in using the most technologically advanced fabrics, fashion-forward styles and highest quality.   

Me at my first store at the CambridgeSide Galleria in Cambridge, MA #GoodMemories

Thank you for reading my story! 

I hope you give Plammie Activewear a try :) 

<3 Plamena D.